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Pictures marked with a ! are featured artworks.
! Candy WaveAcrylic PaintingAn embellished Acrylic Swipe. I named it "Candy Wave" because, well, it looks like one!2023
! RustAcrylic PaintingThe Latin text says "I haven't seen anything permanent under the sun."2023
Axolotl AmigurumiMy son loves Axolotl so I had to make one for him! Pattern by Mareike Schumacher.2023
! SquigAmigurumiI made this Squig for my husband's birthday. Pattern by @lazy.toy on Instagram.2022
! Timeless OceansAcrylic PouringI made this piece together with my sons. We were just starting with Acrylic Pouring back then!2022
! CaolinnAmigurumiI made this "Mother Earth" themed doll for an Irish druid called Niamh. Pattern from https://crochetfree.msa.plus/2022
FragonClay SculptureIt's a Fragon - half frog, half dragon! 2022
! Oracle of the AkataLARPBetween the worlds...2013
! Wir sind der SturmLARPThe title translates to "We are the storm", which is the motto of my LARP group, Black Ice.2008
! Kim And CathbadCommissionsCover for the audio book "Kim und der Druide Cathbad".2005
! StruggleCommissionsDone for Tom Tafero, article illustration.2004
! Church of the MachineMusicInspired by the song "Church of the Machine" by Symphony X.2004
! Dance of the FaeriesOtherFaeries dancing in the moonlight.2004
! Schlafe, mein Engel...CommissionsDone for a friend. Took me two weeks - black ink on paper. The title says "Sleep, my angel".2004
! Terrible FutureSci-FiWorld War 5 will be fought by robots on a deserted planet. ...is it really deserted?2004
! Team SisyphusCommissionsT-shirt print for the Business Run 04. It won the 2nd prize at the creativity contest there.2004