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Pictures marked with a ! are featured artworks.
! Oracle of the AkataLARPBetween the worlds...2013
VectOtherI don't know what it is... perhaps you can tell me?2008
! Bloodelf FighterWoWTrying out a new coloring style...2008
Future HeroWoWColored version of a picture I did in 2007.2008
MoondanceWoWA friend's character who loves to dance...2008
Nana meets Sam and AmberWoWMy character meeting two RP legends.2008
! Wir sind der SturmLARPThe title translates to "We are the storm", which is the motto of my LARP group, Black Ice.2008
Witch DoctorWoWA Troll witch doctor2007
Tamalla And WhitefootWoWMy Tauren Huntress, Tamalla, and her pet2007
On A PillowCommissionsA present for the client's fiancee - it was printed onto a pillow.2006
A Love For NatureWoWTauren Herbalist2006
! Kim And CathbadCommissionsCover for the audio book "Kim und der Druide Cathbad".2005
Male Pin-UpEroticUhm... no comment. ^^;2005
Goblin FirebuttFunnyPicture for a made-up MTG card.2004
! Robot WarSci-FiPart 2 of "Terrible Future".2004
! Team SisyphusCommissionsT-shirt print for the Business Run 04. It won the 2nd prize at the creativity contest there.2004
! Terrible FutureSci-FiWorld War 5 will be fought by robots on a deserted planet. ...is it really deserted?2004
Lady With BombCommissionsDone for the US band "Sugarfuse".2004
! StruggleCommissionsDone for Tom Tafero, article illustration.2004
Five ElementsCommissionsDone for a friend, it shows the 5 elements of Feng Shui in their Productive Circle.2004
Mission To MarsFunnyWho knows what life on Mars really looks like?2004
Makeijan 2CommissionsDone for a Spanish rock band. called Legen Beltza.2004
Makeijan 1CommissionsDone for a Spanish rock band. called Legen Beltza.2004
! Schlafe, mein Engel...CommissionsDone for a friend. Took me two weeks - black ink on paper. The title says "Sleep, my angel".2004
! Dance of the FaeriesOtherFaeries dancing in the moonlight.2004
! Shower For TwoAnimeDone on request.2004
Sleeping Dragon GirlChildrenShe has been playing outside with her brothers all day...2004
! Church of the MachineMusicInspired by the song "Church of the Machine" by Symphony X.2004
CaerOtherInspired by an Irish tale.2004
Cats Can FlyChildrenMore of a sketch...2004
! Shadow DemonScaryHe is watching you in the dark...2003
! Birth of the CreatureScaryI wouldn't want to be there right now...2003
Der Geliehene SchauspielerCommissionsBook cover for my father's book "Der geliehene Schauspieler".2003
BlitzengelCommissionsAn older picture that has been used by the band "Basement".2003